Les Dames Iron Way. Montserrat

Les Dames is a good Iron way that uses a lot of natural hand holds, that reserves for us a final chimney, polished and without hand holds. There, our climbing technique will be put to the test.
(December 2017)

Adeu Espanya!

Nice route at Malanyeu. 100 beautiful meters of moderate difficulty . A splendid climbing day with Carles Vallés! (November 2017)

Bolted route. 10 quick draw and a couple of friends will be enough. Two 50 meters ropes.
#boreal #korda's #koubaclimbing


Kouba Flex Mini

El autorrescate. Cursos 2021. Otoño

Si señores. Es un tema serio saber cómo sobrevivir a un accidente en lo alto de una pared. Si deseas saber más o un curso a medida busca pro...