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“I enjoy great moments of my climbing and mountaineering career in the most wonderful places    on earth”

Roberto Blasi 


L'Avi Trepador, La Codolosa, Montserrat

L’avi trepador is a route that crosses a series of vertical walls with good rock. During the afternoon the route is in the shadow, allowing us to enjoy a fun and nice climb. The itinerary is equipped with hand-drilled bolts (now sold as Cheville autoforeuse by Petzl), being the most abundant in the most difficult parts. It is a short route, only three pitches. Recommended climb that can be combined with others on the same wall.
Carles Vallès and Roberto Blasi did this climb on May 31, 2018


Camel, Vilanova de Meia

Another nice route at Roca dels Arcs, especially in pitch 3 that crosses the famous wall where is also "Necronomicón" and "Adonde vas Vicente". A very accessible and surprising way in its degree of difficulty: it is difficult to find such vertical IV + pitch.
A very nice climbing day with Carles Vallés (25-01-2018)
Photos: Carles Vallès & Roberto Blasi
Vallès climbs third pitch

third pitch
First pitch

Blasi at third belay station

third pitch of Camel

First pitch

Blasi leads first pitch

Approach to the Camel route

Roca dels Arcs

Roca del Arcs, Vilanova de Meià

Third pitch, Camel 

Second pitch

First pitch

Third belay station

Blasi on top of Roca del Arcs

Vallès at belay station number 4

Blasi lead pitch number 3


Les Dames Iron Way. Montserrat

Les Dames is a good Iron way that uses a lot of natural hand holds, that reserves for us a final chimney, polished and without hand holds. There, our climbing technique will be put to the test.
(December 2017)

El autorrescate. Cursos 2021. Otoño

Si señores. Es un tema serio saber cómo sobrevivir a un accidente en lo alto de una pared. Si deseas saber más o un curso a medida busca pro...