Vilada, little gem to discover

Hello climbing lovers!

This is a less knowing spot that his neighbor Berga.
We went through the L'Arç bar to have a coffee before going to climb.
In general the routes grade is more difficult than they seem.
But we are already warning of the peculiar degree of Vilada.

Approximation to the routes is almost ten kilometers of track (by car) between mediocre and bad, but in return, then you have to walk a little and the surroundings are beautiful.
Orientation Southwest and lots of shade at the foot of the walls. The sun leaves at 16:00 hours.
It's cool for now.
Summarizing, pleasant climbs, but very technic ones, and if  you like this style you will not get disappointed.


Cade Miranda de la Portella . Montserrat

September 19, 2018 climbing in Montserrat. Is a very hot day...

I choose a beautiful route: the Cade of the Miranda de la Portella. Activity with Nuria Serra.
The CADE of the Miranda de la Portella was a grand classic 
open 50 years ago.
It climbs the west face of this impressive spire. The route, 
only 140 meters is a varied and spectacular climbing. 
We will find aid climbing, chimney and interesting free climbing at the last pitch. 
It's a good option for warm weather.

Happy at the very top!!!

Abalak from Kouba climbing, excellent pro for this route

El autorrescate. Cursos 2021. Otoño

Si señores. Es un tema serio saber cómo sobrevivir a un accidente en lo alto de una pared. Si deseas saber más o un curso a medida busca pro...