I'll explain what the tactic is.

What is working or seriously trying a route?

Working seriously means not leaving anything to chance and discovering the secret to send the route in the shortest possible time.

You will do and you must answer many questions. You will have many doubts and insecurity along the path that will lead you to climb the route you have chosen.

Where are the resting positions of the route?
Where will I fall, can I protect the fall?
Where is the hard pass?, locate and
 imaging resolution of it.
How many bolts I have to clip, how many meters and 
quickdraws does the route require?
Do I trust who belay me? Can he or she remind me of important things while I climb?
Where will I get more tired?
Where can I go to rhythm or fast?
Where should I go slow and pay attention because it is difficult?

You could detail the route in your mind and imagine each step, from below to the anchor point. You could make a video of the route, or a sketch to remember. When you go to sleep you should think about that... and fall asleep dreaming of the route.
Do not leave anything to chance.
And remember the art of climbing are sequences of movements.
This could be your mantra:
"Learn a sequence, then you can send the route"

Luck, Rock Warrior!

Roberto Blasi

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