General conditions

There is a minimum group?

1 to 8 participants according to the activity.

What it is includes?

Technical group gear
Care insurance and liability
Guide service

What is not include? 

Personal gear
Taxi fairs
Train tickets
It does not include: entrances to indoor climbing facilities
private yoga studios
Transportation to the climbing areas

How do I register?

Ask for the account number to make reservation for an amount of 50 euros. Reservations are accepted up to 10 days before the date of completion of the planned activities.

If unable to attend the activity having paid the registration must notify 72 hours in advance. Otherwise you may not recover the registration fees.

If weather conditions are bad, the activity will be suspended, you can ask to completed the activity indoors or schedule it for another date.

Deadline for registration activities?

One week before the meeting day. We recommend paying 50 euros to reserves the activities. The remaining amount must be paid the day of the activity in cash, directly to the guide.

Gratuities are welcome?
Yes, our guides and staff will accept them

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